12 Weird Christmas Traditions (for the 12 Days of Christmas)
by Joey Green

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Don’t Mess with Santa
The Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona hosts “Santa and Machine Guns,” an annual event giving families the opportunity to have their holiday photo taken with Santa Claus and AK-47s, grenade launchers, and machine guns—the ultimate “Peace on Earth” message.

Here Comes Santa Claus
The largest gathering of people dressed like Santa Claus took place on December 10, 2010, when more than 18,000 people dressed as Santa Claus marched through the streets of the Portuguese city of Porto.

Deck the Garbage
Every year, workers at the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill near Cincinnati, Ohio string 30,000 Christmas lights across the garbage mound, which stretches over 234 acres and rises 279 feet high. The display includes 25-foot-tall candy canes. No, there’s nothing quite like garbage decorated with lights to instill the holiday spirit.

That’s Treason!
In 1902, as an avid conservationist and ardent opponent of deforestation, President Theodore Roosevelt banned putting up a Christmas tree in the White House. Roosevelt’s son Archie snuck his own Christmas tree into the White House, rigging it up in a large closet. Today, Americans celebrate Christmas by chopping down 27 million fir trees.

The Christmas Spider
Ukranians decorate Christmas trees with an artificial spider and web. Ukrainian legend holds that tinsel originated when a spider wove cobwebs all over a Christmas tree at night and the rising sun turned it into silver. Finding a real spider on Christmas morning is considered good luck.

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